Large trades with private and personalized services


Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTC: NSAV) is a cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital asset technology company.

We are a holding company focused on diversifying their portfolio by making many diversified acquisitions in the booming crypto sector.

We have partnered with TG Private Equity and SilverBear Capital in order to create great value for shareholders and make many diverse acquisitions.

NSAV’s prized stake holding, VirtuaBroker has launched globally as of May 31st, and they are a platform based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), they offer a full range of trading services, such as portfolio management, price search function, and much more. Their platform supports nearly all the major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase ($2 billion Revenue in 2019), Binance ($4.2 billion Crypto Assets), Bitfinex ($404 million Net Profits in 2018) and Kraken ($1.25 billion estimated Annual Revenues).

We also have a 50% stake in SBCDF Investment, Inc. (SilverBear Capital Decentralized Finance Investment, Inc.) which will be launching the SBC Unix X Token very soon.