NSAV has a variety of different cryptocurrency services available. We are able to help with development and advising on cryptocurrency projects.

NSAV has entered the booming China cryptocurrency and blockchain market. In 2019, the Chinese government formally committed to the importance of blockchain and by 2023, expects to spend over $2 billion on blockchain Technology. Chinese officials have recently taken a softer stance on cryptocurrencies and indicated that cryptocurrencies should just be regulated as an alternative asset, rather than a fiat currency. NSAVs management believes that China will be a major player in the $2 Trillion cryptocurrency market. Research also shows that Chinese cryptocurrency investors are more aggressive compared to their western counterparts. China remains an extremely important player in cryptocurrency mining. Management believes that NSAV has the resources by virtue of the recent addition of Board members and Silverbear Capital.

Mr. Yuen Wong, CEO of LABS group and Managing Partner at leading cryptocurrency exchange, Bitmart, is working with NSAV on many projects including the development of the SBC Unix X Token, as well as the development of NSAV’s own cryptocurrency exchange.

We have acquired a major 50% stake in SBCDF Investment, Inc. (SBCDF), which will soon launch its STUX (SBC Token Unix X). The STUX token will be marketed via all the major social channels such as, Reddit, Discord, Telegram, Twitter and Medium. To complete the transaction, NSAV will issue 500 million restricted Preferred B shares, which are valued at an estimated $15 million.